I'm an assistant food stylist based in New York City.

You can usually find me at Macguffin Films with this awesome team of ladies. When I'm not working, I'm probably at home baking sourdough bread and making healthy-ish food bowls that I sometimes capture on my phone—for the 'gram, of course.

IN the past two years as a food stylist, I've worked a 24-hour shoot, I've perfected the art of cooking perfectly-wavy bacon and have learned a lot about myself and the kitchen. 


some Clients I've worked for: Mcdonald's, subway, panera, Moe's, chili's, GOLDEN CORRAL, LONGHORN STEAK house. 

Things I've BEEN cooking lately: Sourdough bread, These short ribs, spatchcocked roast chicken, double chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and lot's of healthy food bowls!